Finding Perfect Affordable Granite and Marble Slabs in the GTA

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Natural Granite and Marble Add Timeless Beauty

Nothing says permanence and quality in a home like natural stone. Adding a stone element to a room is like adding a piece of functional art, defining your personal taste and adding timeless beauty. Two of the most popular choices of natural stone are granite and marble. They can be placed around fireplaces, used as flooring or on walls, on top of a bathroom vanity or as a backsplash. Granite and marble are also popular choices for kitchen countertops or islands. Here is how to source affordable granite and marble slabs in the GTA.

Granite VS Marble

Both granite and marble are extremely durable, and, with proper care, will last for generations. Although they are generally resistant to heat and scratching, it is not recommended that you place a red hot pot directly on natural stone or use it as a cutting surface. Granite is stronger than marble, which is more porous. Both granite and marble should be properly sealed. Granite comes in a variety of colours and looks, from dramatic ambers with swirling veins to traditional salt and pepper speckles. Marble has a softer look, with classic creamy hues.

Finding the Perfect Slab

Once you have made the decision to use granite or marble elements in your house, it’s important to source a reputable company that specializes in natural stone. You will want to see a good selection of large samples of affordable marble or granite slabs to get a good idea of the variety of patterns and colours available. Once you have decided on a tone and look that you like, make sure you see the actual slab you are purchasing, as no two pieces are exactly the same – and how you are going to place the stone may influence your choice. For instance, that dramatic swirl that you love may be right where the hole for the kitchen sink has to go.

Using a Fabricator

Most reliable retailers of natural stone won’t directly sell a slab of marble or granite to a lay person or contractor. Working with heavy, solid natural stone is a skill that takes training and proper equipment. You will need to hire a fabricator who specializes in this kind of job. Most contractors or kitchen experts have a fabricator they like to work with. The fabricator will assess the slab, then use a template to cut the stone before installing it.


Another detail to consider is what kind of edging you want your surface to have. A terrific article about this can be found at the design website Houzz. Some of the edging options include:
  • standard square edging
  • square with a mitered edge
  • a rounded bullnose edge
  • a marine edge that is slightly raised, to keep liquids from running off the counter


Affordable marble and granite are easy to care for, needing nothing more than a pass with a soft, wet cloth. For long term care, spills should be wiped up immediately, especially any liquids that are acidic, such as wine, tomato sauce or citrus juices.
Torontonians looking to incorporate the elegance of natural stone into their homes should find an experienced retailer to source their granite and marble slabs in the GTA.